Frauke's Story

A tale of resilience, hope and pure determination in Australia’s remote north-west

The story of Frauke Bolten-Boshammer is so awe inspiring, eye opening and heart wrenching it should be written about – and it has, with Frauke appearing regularly in the media each year, and the 2018 release of her biography, A Diamond in the Dust, which now sells successfully around the globe. 

Arriving from Germany with her husband Friedrich Bolten and young children in1981 , Frauke could have no idea of the turbulent future that lay ahead on their Kimberley adventure. 

To become a widow three years later with four beautiful children, living on 1000ha of remote farmland, suffering further devastation with the loss of one of her sons, to finding new love with her second husband Robert Boshammer, and creating a destiny for her growing family, now with five children, all built from true resilience and determination.  

Following her heart whilst keeping focussed on her family, Frauke unknowingly embarked on one of her biggest journeys, to become a leading diamond dealer of the world’s rarest precious pinks and building a family empire.

Initially selling jewellery from her back porch, in 1991 Frauke opened Kimberley Fine Diamonds. The timing was impeccable, as the new store grew in popularity, nearby Argyle Diamond Mine was starting to unearth more and more rare pink diamonds.

Less than a decade later of hard work and determination, Kimberley Fine Diamonds with Frauke at its helm, had firmly placed itself as one of the world’s leading diamond dealers and Select Atelier of Argyle Pink Diamonds. 

However, the constant reminders of the preciousness of life would continue when Frauke and her family were severely impacted by the death of her son Peter in 2000. Not yet through the thick of it, 2015 then found Frauke being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. A battle she was determined to win, and is thankfully still in remission to date.

Having faced a challenging life since her very early days as a child, with faith and fortitude, Frauke soldiers on through some of the darkest and toughest days. Surrounded by an ever-growing family she showers with love on a daily basis, and 11 grandchildren - and counting - the genuine delight, honesty and integrity of this strong Kimberley women shines brighter than ever and is a pleasure to know. 

Providing only the best service to farmers, locals and international superstars alike that visit the rugged beauty of the north west, everyone is treated equally and made to feel welcomed with open arms to the Kimberley family she calls home.  

With love, joy and humble appreciation of what life has in store, if you get the chance to visit Kimberley Fine Diamonds in Kununurra and meet Frauke, the precious piece of the Kimberley you take home will have so much more meaning, power and worth than you ever imagined.   

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