Argyle Pink Diamonds

Kimberley Fine Diamonds believes in using only the very best and finest gemstones in its designs. Diamonds don’t come any more rare or individual than those found beneath the red earth of the East Kimberley, which is why Kimberley Fine Diamonds is proud to be an appointed Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds that are extracted from Rio Tinto’s local Argyle Diamond Mine.

When production at the Argyle mine began in the early 1980s it brought to the world the first dependable supply of rare pink to red diamonds. 

The exquisite pink gemstones you can see at Kimberley Fine Diamonds were formed around 1.5 billion years ago at a depth of 160km below the Earth’s surface. Once uncovered from beneath the stunning and remote landscape, the stones can take more than a year to journey from the mine to their final destination as a polished gem in the Kimberley Fine Diamonds workshop. 

"An Argyle Pink diamond could only be a product of the East Kimberley’s rugged wilderness and intense beauty"

Why does it take so long? Pink diamonds are complicated structures. What makes them so beguiling also makes them harder to cut, with polishing taking three to four times longer than white diamonds. It takes a true craftsman to hone nature’s art into a masterpiece. 

Once you see the colour and clarity of an Argyle Pink diamond, it’s easy to understand why they are among the most coveted diamonds in the world. Revered for their exquisite beauty, an Argyle Pink diamond has an intensity of colour that is unmatched by any other precious stone - it could only be a product of the East Kimberley’s awe-inspiring wilderness.  

With such an exciting provenance, it is little wonder collectors and connoisseurs from around the world seek out these perfect stones from Western Australia’s treasure trove for their personal holdings and bespoke jewellery creations. 

An entire year’s supply of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine fits in the palm of a hand, which means as the new owner of an Argyle pink diamond, you are in a highly exclusive group of people who possess a piece of history that is as unique as you are. 

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