Cleaning Services

We know you’ll love your Kimberley Fine Diamonds’ purchase so much it will get plenty of wear. If you buy diamonds, we love them being worn as much as possible – as that’s what you purchased it for! That also means making sure it always looks its sparkling best, so your precious piece remains an heirloom for generations to enjoy.  

Keeping your jewellery looking its very best is something we take very seriously at Kimberley Fine Diamonds and is why we offer a complimentary cleaning service for all the pieces we sell. Just visit our workshop and speak with one of the experienced team who will be happy to arrange the cleaning of your jewellery and a check of clasps and mountings to ensure your stones are secure. 

While a professional clean of your jewellery each year is advised, there are also a number of ways you can look after your pieces at home which will ensure they continue to sparkle as brightly as the day you purchased them. 

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