Diamond Certification & Ethics

Every diamond Kimberley Fine Diamonds sells complies with the ethical principles of the Kimberley Process, a global coalition of governments, non-government groups and the diamond industry established to control the export and import of rough diamonds to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds.

You may receive a diamond certification document from an objective third-party laboratory, Like GIA that will describe your diamond and all of its characteristics, including details of its cut, clarity, colour and carat. 

Laboratory professionals evaluate, scrutinise and measure every aspect of the diamond using specialised tools such as a loupe and microscope, to carefully and critically inspect every diamond.

Argyle Pink Diamonds also laser inscribes each of its diamonds above 0.08 carats with a unique identification number. It is applied to the girdle of the diamond using the latest laser technology and is visible only under magnification. 

More than a mark of authenticity, the inscription represents the careful chain of custody that has accompanied each diamond and provides assurance of its responsible sourcing.

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